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Tie Dye - Yeah or Nay?

Terri HewittComment
Tie Dye - Yeah or Nay?
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Not gonna lie, I am holding onto the summer vibes as long as possible.  I love sweater weather but temperatures in Florida are still at an all-time high.  Let's face it, the last thing I can imagine wearing at this moment is a sweater.

I have always been a fan of anything tie-dye but after celebrating a big birthday this year, I wondered if I am simply too old to wear it.  I have never been one to follow the rules and tried not to pay attention to comments such as "you are too old to wear that!" My philosophy has always been if you are comfortable in what you are wearing and feel happy wearing it, then knock yourself out.  Someone's age should not determine what they should or should not wear.

 I love my tie-dye little number from Imagine That Boutique, but it will unfortunately have to find its way into my closet in the next few weeks In the meantime I plan to wear it at least one more time :)

 Here are few things I learned about tie- dye trends from my conversation with Cheri Hudson, Owner Imagine That Boutique. 

  • Q & A with Cheri Hudson, owner Imagine That Boutique

  • (Q) Any tie- dye trends to keep an eye one? "2018 Trends in TIEDYE not really any trends.... just always in style."

  • (Q) "Should women stop wearing tie-dye at a certain age? "NO!!!! There is no age for women wearing tie-dye. What matters is what shoes, accessories and where you are wearing it to."

  • Can you wear tie-dye in the Fall? "Yes, to wear tie-dye in the fall, just change your pieces to ones with fall colors."

  • Personal favorite tie-dye look? "I like pants, that are easy and comfy, perfect for running errands, running around with kids and for travel."