Products I am Loving  Right Now

Man, I just realized I have not created a blog post since the holidays, life has been a little crazy with work, kids’ sport activities and our daily commitments. Fortunately, the ability not to find time to create a blog post has not stopped me from finding some amazing products that now have become part of my daily routine.

I am such a skeptic when trying new products, I try everything but always proceed with major caution. I read reviews, ask friends and search for post on a product I am considering trying before committing :)

I am no longer in my 30’s or 40’s so it’s important that I do the best I can without breaking the bank to take care of myself inside and out. I like to keep my routine low maintenance which helps me to stick to it without feeling overwhelmed.

Here are some products I have been using lately, which I honestly love and use on a daily basis now.

My family is notorious for being in a mad rush to get out the door for school and work and at times during the weekend if we have early basketball games. It’s hard to make breakfast for everyone and also make something that taste good and will keep everyone going to for a few hours. My youngest is also not the best eater so I find myself often struggling to quickly come up with something she can eat. Before the holidays I stumbled upon Orgain, Organic Powder while cruising around Sprouts. First of all, the taste of the protein shakes is amazing! We have tried the chocolate, peanut butter and vanilla flavors and love all of them! The organic, plant based protein powder, taste amazing and honestly keeps my crew satisfied for several hours. If you are not familiar with this product you need to check it out and make sure to read the story of Andrew, the man behind the product - WOW!

Vanilla Bean rocks!!

Vanilla Bean rocks!!

I am such a freak about having clean and healthy teeth. I am constantly flossing my teeth and often carry a disposal toothbrush so I can brush my teeth when not at home. There’s is nothing better than a beautiful smile. I stumbled upon the website Vanity Planet while looking for holiday gift ideas for the hubs, who is the hardest person to shop for and found the Element Spin Toothbrush. We have been using the Element Spin Toothbrush since the holidays and within weeks both of us noticed a difference in the color of our teeth. The toothbrush provides 40,000 strokes per minute but what I love the most about this toothbrush is that it is equipped with a UV sanitation area to place the brush after each use so it can be sanitized rid of nasty germs. Such a great product, you need to check it out :)

“CB what?” That’s exactly what I said to my friend after she asked if I knew anything about CBD oil. Since my conversation with my friend, I have learned a great deal about the benefits of taking CBD oil and now take it daily in the morning and before heading to bed. Those who know me personally, know I am the biggest skeptic, it takes a lot for me to commit to taking something on a regular basis but I am a big believer now in the benefits CBD oil can provide.

I have been taking the Green Compass Isolate CBD oil for several months now and have noticed a big difference in my sleep. I have never been a good sleeper and have always been able to get by with very little sleep. Although, this might work to my advantage at times when I am working on multiple projects and trying to meet deadlines, the lack of sleep always catches up with me leaving completely exhausted and miserable. Since I have started taking CBD oil, I have been able to fall asleep quicker and wake up feeling rested, not foggy and ready to tackle my “to-do’s.” I have also noticed the CBD oil has helped with my anxiety, which tends to escalate when my plate is full, which it often is.

One of the many things I love about the brand Green Compass, is the farm to table approach allowing them to create a product that is organically grown, herbicide and pesticide free. - I am such a big fan of this product!

Last, but certainly not least, I love, love this product!! I found this double cleanse by Pixi + Caroline Hirons while shopping at Target. The cleansing oil works like magic, taking sunscreen, make-up and even the heaviest of eye-liners off with very little effort.

The cleansing cream leaves my skin which is on the drier side, feeling soft and fresh after each use. As I am getting older it is important that I use products that are gentle on my skin and provide moisture.

This Paraben and cruelty free combo is now daily part of my skin care routine - I love it!

Feel free to share your favorite products, I am always in the hunt to try new things.