The Up's and Down's of Our Dinner Table

I grew up in a family with five other siblings, four girls and two boys.  There was very little down time for my parents, trying to manage multiple schedules, kids' activities, while both working outside the home.  The only time in our home where the noise level would all of a sudden come to a screeching halt (okay maybe a lower decimal) was during dinner time.  My parents were big advocates of having the entire family sit down every evening for dinner.  Of course, the occasional sport or school activity would at times excuse us from what I thought was a dreadful family activity.  Although there were times when like most kids I could not wait for the entire ordeal to end, I am forever thankful to my parents for the memories and the crazy bond this time together created for my siblings and me.

As a mother of three kids of multiple ages, I now know first hand how important this time together is and quickly time flies by.  A few years ago my husband and I started the High and Low game with the kids.  The idea is to get all of us to share something good about our day and something that we struggled with during the day. Usually, the youngest one in our crew volunteers to go first and then everyone takes a turn.  Even our 23-year old daughter, when at home jumps right in the game! We have heard silly playground stories, classroom gossip, stories about broken relationships, job promotions, stories which have brought us to laughter, and at times a few tears.  

Our kiddos from youngest to oldest celebrating Ayden's birthday

Our kiddos from youngest to oldest celebrating Ayden's birthday

Not gonna lie, at times my kids just want to inhale their meal and quickly move on to the next thing, but this is when I channel my mom's spirit and remind them how important this time together is.  If this doesn't work, a large scoop of Oreo or Rocky Road ice cream seems to always do the trick :) 

I would love to hear some your dinner table traditions, it takes a village to raise our babies and the job never ends - please share.

xx, Terri