Done is Better than Perfect!
Washing dishes and yes, goofing around as well

Washing dishes and yes, goofing around as well

Have you ever heard of the saying "done is better than perfect"?  I silently whisper these words to myself over and over when the kids are doing their chores.  I know, I know, I should be grateful that they have gotten off the couch and are helping around the house but the perfectionist or control freak in me has a hard time letting go.   My immediate reaction is to jump in and to do it all myself, if I do it will get done correctly or at least it will get done my way, right?!  Wrong!!!  

A few months ago my husband and I decided that it was time to assign the kids a list of chores. Until now, the kids have only been responsible for making their beds daily and keeping their rooms tidy.  We assigned the kids a list of various chores from setting the table to feeding the dogs and emptying the dishwasher.  The chores are written on a "chore board" that is hung in our laundry room. At the end of each day, the kids are supposed to go to the board and either put a happy or frown face next to their assigned chore which indicates whether the chore was completed or not.  As a reward, the kids get a small allowance at the end of the week for completing their chores.  The kids are excited to get their mula but also feel a sense of accomplishment knowing they have completed a task.

Our responsibility chart by Melissa & Doug (link   here  ) 

Our responsibility chart by Melissa & Doug (link here

I am slowly trying to let go and allow the kids to complete their task on their own, not going to lie, this has not been easy for me but I have to remember done is better than perfect for now, wish me luck :) 

xx, Terri