How I Tackle My To Do List.

Do you ever feel completely overwhelmed when reviewing your "to do" list?  Do you feel like there are just not enough hours in the day? Guilty as charged!

As an entrepreneur, I often find myself with a scroll-like "to do" list which often makes me feel overwhelmed and clueless of where and how to start to tackle all of the things I have to do.  Because, I am my own boss, I don't have someone checking in on the progression of my tasks, it is a 100% up to me to get things done. 

I have always been a "to do" list girl, it may sound crazy, but there is nothing like crossing a task off the list,  it is such a great feeling!  In addition to creating a list, I have also incorporated a few things into my daily routine that help me to stay focused and provide clarity while cruising through my busy day. 

For one, a clean, organized desk is a must for me.  I need to work in a clean space, free of clutter.  I know it may sound crazy but my mind cannot function in the midst of clutter.  I also love, okay not love, but like to wake up early in the morning (5:30 am) and check emails.  It is such a great feeling when you can quickly scan through your emails before getting your day started and handle any emergencies if necessary.  I typically listen to a podcast while reviewing my emails.  Here are some of my favorite podcasts to listen to that help to get my day started with purpose and clarity: She Means Business by Carrie Green of the FemalePower & Purpose by Mastin Kip,  Gabrielle Bernstein by Gabrielle Bernstein (love her!), anything from Tony Robbins, and of course for major clarity you can't go wrong with Oprah& Deepak Meditation. 

A clean desk :)

A clean desk :)

I also recently discovered time blocking and although I am very new to this concept I can honestly tell you it has made a huge difference in my day.  I am feeling more accomplished at the end of my day and not frustrated because I was only able to accomplish two out of the ten tasks on my list.  Time blocking forces me to stay focused on a task without any distraction. I don't feel the need to reply to every email that hits my email box at the exact moment it arrives, I have created blocks throughout my day to check email.

I am all about maximizing the hours in my day, so I am planning to give time blocking a try for a few months to see if it really makes a difference, but I can honestly tell you so far I am liking the results :) 


My attempt at time blocking - Click on     here   to get a free printable time blocking calendar

My attempt at time blocking - Click on here to get a free printable time blocking calendar

How do you get through your "to do's"?  Would love to hear about the tricks and tips that have worked best for you.