Hi there,

Thank you for stopping by My Lovely Life and More.  I am the mother of three wonderful kids with ages ranging from 23 to 6 years old, mom to our furry four-legged rescue pup and the co-founder of a neuromarketing research firm. I am married to an amazing man and wonderful father to our crew, who supports all of my crazy ideas, like creating this blog :) 

Starting a blog has been something that I have been wanting to do for years as a way to journal my lovely and sometimes insane life but complete fear of putting myself out there has always stopped me from moving forward.  I recently celebrated a big birthday, (my oldest is 23, you do the math) and thought there is no better time than now and I don't want my fears to rob me of something I have always wanted to do, so here we go....   

My faith, family, friends, exercise, meditation and good wine keep me sane and help me to navigate through My Lovely Life and More..

Thanks for stopping by,

xx, Terri